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[FogBugz Plugin] Wiki Article - Case Relationships Knowledge Base


"Wiki Article: Case Relationships" is a FogBugz Plugin that introduces the following features:

From a Case View, you can create a new Wiki Article which is automatically tied to the Case as a "Related Article".  You can also attach an existing Wiki Article to the Case or detach a "Related Article".


Symmetrically, from a Wiki Article View, you can create a new Case which is automatically tied to the Wiki Article as a "Related Case".  You can also attach an existing Case to the Wiki Article or detach a "Related Case".


Using the "Filtered Case List" Wikiblock, you can now embed a dynamically filtered list of FogBugz cases anywhere within your wiki article content.



Wiki Assignment for Each Project

You can assign a Wiki to any FogBugz Project.  By default, your Projects are assigned to the "Case Driven Wiki" which is created when you install this plugin.  Once assigned a Wiki, all Wiki Articles created from the case within the given project will be tied to that Wiki.

You can assign a Wiki to your project when you create/edit the project as shown the in screenshot below.


A new "Assigned Wiki" column is also added to your Projects List View so that you can easily see which Wiki each FogBugz Project is currently assigned.


Custom Wiki Template Support

In order to see the "Related Cases" section and the "New Case" button on your Wiki, your Wiki must either

  1. use the "Case Driven Wiki Template".  This template is based off of the FogBugz Default Template.  If your Wiki currently uses the FogBugz Default Template, then you can just switch to the "Case Driven Wiki Template".
  2. have its  Wiki Template HTML section modified to include the $case_relationships$ and $new_case_link$ placeholder where you see fit.


License Management

Obtaining a License Key

This plugin requires a license key to unlock all of its features.  You can purchase a license at the DevMental Software Online Store.


Managing User Licenses

To access the license configuration page, go to Admin => Plugins and click on the little Edit icon by the Plugin.


To install a new license key, simply copy the license key into the "License Key" text box and click on Install.  On the "Manage Users" section, you can choose which user you want to give the Plugin license to.  Licensed users will be able to access all the features supported by this Plugin.  Unlicensed users can view "Related Articles" and "Related Cases", but cannot edit, detach, or attach new relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I embed a list of dynamically filtered cases inside a wiki article?

In edit mode, place the cursor where you want to insert the dynamically filtered case list and choose "Insert" => "Filtered Case List".  

A dialog will appear to let you enter the name of a saved filter that you wish to apply to the Wikiblock and click "OK".  A list of available filters are displayed.  You can just copy and paste the filtered name of your choice into the text field.

Afterwards, you should see the Wikiblock "Filtered Case List" along with the filter name inserted as a placeholder within your wiki article.  In View mode, the placeholder will resolve to the dynamically filtered case list with the specified filter applied.


Why am I getting the "System.IO.FileNotFound: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core, Version='" error when loading/running the plugin?

When loading/running the plugin, the following error message is displayed:

This is because our plugin has dependencies on Microsoft .NET 3.5.  To resolve this error, follow the link below to download and install Microsoft .NET 3.5 on your FogBugz server.